Your opinion doesn’t matter

Amazing products go undiscovered and companies go broke every single year because of people’s opinions.

Your opinion does not matter. Mine either. Everything I share here is about what mathematics are telling us, not what I really think.

Thank god, we would be wrong 90% of the time and be considered one of the worst car dealership resource center instead of being a reference.


People are afraid to push the envelope with their marketing because of all the opinions in the way.

It’s too pushy.

My audience won’t resonate with that kind of marketing.

I don’t want to push rebates and promotions, I’m a BMW dealership and my customers to answer to that.

It’ll turn them off.


You really think $70,000 vehicle buyers don’t like deals too?


And it’s not just car dealers opinions that bankrupt business either.

It’s sales managers who listen to their customers’ opinions.

Customer opinions don’t matter either. Not all the time.

What your audience says and what they do are sometimes entirely different.

You know this, right? You ask people if they will buy the new upcoming model and they all yell YES!

But then you release it and…crickets. Or people will tell you they don’t like the lines or something came up.

I’ve been working with dealerships for more than 15 years now, and I can tell you one sad truth.

None of this is complicated, it’s staring you right in the face.

Some of you will put their opinion about their strategy, website, offers and succeed.

The other ones will continue sinking in “tougher times”.

Test, validate and test again.


This should encourage you because it means you don’t have to “read the stars” to be successful in today’s automotive market.

Customers come in thousands, is your net set at the right spot?

It means that if you’re willing to put your opinions aside and follow the math, the money, and the data.

You too can leverage the marketing secrets that built the Autobahn Academy Formula.


As my friend Ben says, “It’s all in the numbers, who cares what I think.”

Put your opinions aside, and don’t be afraid to use the methods that have millions of dollars of evidence to back them up.