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If it’s your first time here, please read carefully.

This blog is for car dealerships owners, managers, and salespeople looking to increase their sales substantially.

You will do by applying proven methods backed by consumer science and mathematics.


These findings, case studies, and real-life examples are the results of hard work and grit.

If any of those words scare you, I want you to get the fuck out.

I’m serious.

Leave this site right now.

Don’t waste YOUR time here reading and fantasizing about actions you’ll never take.

Don’t waste MY time either poaching around to hire us to revamp your sales floor’s process if you’re not going to apply our advice.


You can go to the doctor for a chronic cough but if you don’t stop smoking, why should you in the first place?

Truth is, I’m more than OK with not everyone agreeing with our philosophy.

If you’re in love with traditional media & old-school techniques, Autobahn Academy is not for you.

For the other ones, keep reading.


We’re car dealer sales mathematicians and if we believe in something, it’s backed up by extensive data.

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It. – Peter Drucker

But that’s not all. Once you’ve measured you have to make moves.


Real change requires action. Don’t believe any other marketer telling you otherwise.

Everything you’ll find here will put your leadership to a test. So be ready to try things, fail or succeed.

There is no magic formula. However, there are clear shortcuts to taking your dealership’s digital sales to the next level faster than you think.


I’m fed up with fake marketers who never sold a car in their life trying to tell you what to do.

The reality is that a huge chunk of what we learn in marketing school is not applicable to car purchase.

Want proof? Try to find one instance where the word “emotion” is used in a marketing textbook.


We’re taking a different approach here. We have sat on both sides of the table. This makes our insight and advice much more realistic.

We too did spend thousands of dollars in something we believed would help our businesses and crashed. Sometimes we have to try something different.

But man I wish I had someone with no bias advising me when I was ready to split my budget.

This is exactly what we’re aiming to do here, whether you go through this blog, our courses, guides and resources center.


We’ve developed techniques over time that will help you clear the clutter in your marketing efforts and dollars.

We do it with you, the right way, and everything you’ll find here in this blog will assist that claim.

Welcome to Autobahn Academy.