#1 Hack to Boost Car Dealership Retention using Facebook

This has to be one of the most overlooked marketing strategies right now as almost 10 dealers out of 10 are not doing this.

Meanwhile, you’re investing thousands if not tens of thousands in ads every month to acquire new customers.

This is mind-boggling, but good thing you’re here, this changes today!

We’re going to use Facebook built-in Audience management tool to segment existing customers in your car dealership and show them specific campaigns to make sure that 1) we keep them as clients and 2) that we get referrals from them.

We’re turning your customers into your own little salespeople army, woot!

Before you begin

Prepare your customer list in advance

To make a Custom Audience from a customer list, you provide Facebook with information about your existing customers so it can match this information with your customers’ Facebook profiles.

The information on a customer list is known as an “identifier” (such as email, phone number, address) and they use it to help you find the audiences you want your ads to reach.

If you’re not already doing this, you’re missing out big time because you’re most likely investing heavily in ads of all sorts to bring people to your store.

You should always to EVERYTHING you can to stay top of mind of your current customers to maximize retention.

Your customer list can either be a CSV or TXT file that includes the identifiers listed above.

To get the best match rates, use as many identifiers as possible while following the formatting guidelines. You can hover over the identifiers to display the formatting rules and the correct column header. For example, first name would appear as fn as a column header in your list.

Why it’s important

I’ve reviewed over 500 car dealership strategies in my short career and I’ve noticed one trait all successful dealerships have when it comes to online retail: Great database management.

Like I said, you’re doing everything you can do get someone in the door through ads of all sort: video, PPC, radio, TV, billboards

It always adds up to crazy numbers and then you have to hire guys like me to fix everything up under a week.

Then I’ll catch you saying

But why aren’t you tapping into your own database and advertising to them too?

This is Marketing Design 101, come on!

They just bought a vehicle? Start your service nurturing process. You know better than me it’s not 100% sure they’ll come back to you for service.

Don’t be the guy down the street thinking if they sold a car their job is done.

The relationship has just started!

I take this from my B2B sales experience.

Retention is what’s going to make you tons of money in the future.

Think about opportunities to influence your client’s wife, husband, children, neighbors, siblings, parents, colleagues… Get my point? Good.

You need to KEEP PUSHING.

You now just have collected an influencer, you need them on your side and buyer nurturing is how you’re going to achieve that.

You simply need to adjust your message with advanced segmentation.

You guys are so lucky because thousands of people around you are actively looking for a new vehicle every day.

We’ll stick to basics for now but just know that advanced targeting techniques are covered in many training videos in Autobahn Academy.

Back to Facebook Audiences, here’s what you have to do right now:

Next steps

  • Add your customer list: You can create your Custom Audience in Ads Manager. Once in your account, go directly to Audiences, then go to Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer list

Here’s how to do it step by step:

Step 1:

Facebook Audience Upload Guide for Car Dealerships - Create a New Audience in Facebook

Step 2:

Facebook Audience Upload Guide for Car Dealerships - Select Audience Type: Customer List

Step 3:

Facebook Audience Upload Guide for Car Dealerships - Prepare your Customer List

Step 4:

Facebook Audience Upload Guide for Car Dealerships - Add Customer List & Name Audience
  • Prepare your customer list: Select the identifiers to include, then add the customer list you want to use for your new Custom Audience and give it a name.
  • Review your customer list: Confirm that you mapped your identifiers correctly or check to see that all errors are resolved. You’ll get one of the following notifications:
    • The green checkmark symbol means your identifiers were mapped correctly and are ready to be hashed, then used for the matching process.
    • The yellow exclamation symbol means either that you chose not to include certain identifiers or that some identifiers need to be manually updated. You have higher chances of getting a better match rate to build your audience if you make the corrections before uploading your file.
  • Upload your customer list: Once your list has been added and is ready for use, select Upload and Create.

Looking for ideas on how to use Facebook in your dealership? Check out our Facebook Branding Recipe or visit our Facebook Resource Center for Car Dealerships!

As always, if you need me to answer more questions, please use ASK Autobahn Academy and send me your more pressing issues!