The Best Chat Tools For Car Dealerships (2020)

We all know today’s shoppers are browsing your dealership’s website 24/7.

Live Chat

LiveChat is a simple and beautifully designed tool for online communication between a dealership and its potential customers. Now your clients can contact you faster and easier than ever before.

LiveChat offers a built-in ticketing system, offline messages, canned responses, customer message preview, and exportable reports. It also includes SSL encryption, necessary for most dealership website platforms these days.

It’s possible to fully customize LiveChat widget to make sure it blends in perfectly with your dealership’s website. The customization can differ for domains and pages.

It comes with many native integrations like AdWords, Mailchimp or Facebook. It also allows you to build your own integrations, as you get access to powerful API.

We like Live Chat because it’s been solid through the years and offer a wide array of integrations that can help your dealership strive in the digital economy.

LiveChat support is available 24/7 so you can reach them at any time you need to.

Sign up for a free, 30-day trial to test out all the features!


Gubagoo is definitely among the top provider of chat tools for automotive dealerships today. You can use their powerful digital retailing solution to enhance the car buying experience on your website, through text messages, video & even Facebook/Messenger.

Gubagoo’s flexibility makes it really fun and effective for sales teams and BDCs to use this chat tool to convert more appointments and sales. This tool will help you give a better & faster customer experience.

Price range: Gubagoo’s tool starts a little under $500 a month. While it may seem expensive, you have to consider the vast array of tools you’ll be able to use. Their most expensive package is a little over $1000 these days.

Simply make sure you don’t jump to the most extensive package they’re offering if it’s your first shot at chat tools on your dealer’s site. Make sure you use your package at its full extent before going up a notch.

What we like about Gubagoo

  • It’s sexy: If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we don’t really get excited on the design part of things. But we have to admit Gubagoo’s tool looks great & will fit your dealership beautifully
  • Unique visitor behavior targeting: Create a personalized experience for your visitors based on their browsing history & interests. This is very handy when targeting different vehicle of interests.
  • Dynamic Greeter: Highlight offers based on user behavior to convert even more web visitors into leads. Emphasize inventory and specials, and trigger them by time, page and intent.
  • CRM Integration: Gubagoo integrates with most CRMs on the market to make sure you don’t loose any data when the leads come in. This will save you time and reduce errors, double entries & will improve efficiency overall.
  • Texting: One powerful app to text with your customers. Centrally manage all SMS conversations between your team members and your customers.

Choose the Chat tool that’s right for your dealership

While all three are great tools for dealerships looking to improve their on site customer service & interaction, Live Chat comes ahead for it’s ease of use, overall reliability, affordable pricing & neat design.

#ProTip: If you’re making your first move using a Chat tool for your car dealership, start with Live Chat to test the waters. It’s a sturdy tool that will offer plenty of flexibility, both on desktop & mobile.

You will be able to judge if a chat is useful for your team. Then, if you feel like you need to push the envelope, you can always go for a more complex & also more costly tool in Contact at Once (from $500/month to $1,1000/month) or Gubagoo (around $500/month).

If you’d like to try Live Chat on your website, click the button below to 4 X your trial period to 60 days:

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