One apple a week keeps the vendors away!

Whoever said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was really smart, because it works in the auto business the same way it does with our bodies.

You guys know I’m OBSESSED with car dealership marketing.

And I equally love to share with dealers looking to increase sales without increasing their budget. I love to learn every new trick, hack, and strategy out there.

This is why I’m writing a full guide called the Autobahn Formula, where you’ll find a unique amount of insight on how to run the digital sales side of your business.

I‘ve had the chance to try and execute so many strategies that I had to give back.

And it’s been my greatest passion is sharing what we’ve learned in over 15 years in the business with all of you! As fun as the tactics are, most of you should still stick to basics, especially when you’re just starting out to learn digital.  

I see so many sales teams spend an incredible amount of time creating a complicated sales process. Way more complicated than even I would create—and then they get mad and discouraged and micro-focused on all these little details.

There are already thousands of moving parts in a dealership, we have to make it simple if we want it to work. And with a complicated process, it’s just so confusing and ineffective.

I know, I know—you’re asking, “So what is the APPLE in marketing?” I’ll tell you, we’re not talking about the tech company.

It’s the the follow-up.

Better yet, call it nurturing. It’s what dentist offices have understood since the 1980s, and what dealerships suck at since the dinosaurs.  

You are currently investing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to reach new people. But these people you already know, you’re not doing anything about them. No, let me rephrase that. You’re actually paying an outside company to do outbound, holy crap.

What’s that? You’re not even handling your incoming leads right? Stop for a second and download this 5-day email sequence.

It sounds stupid when I lay it out like that right? It’s because it is, but it’s a reality and you know it. And by the way, if you’re committed to having an outside business doing your lead nurturing, we can do it for you.

How are you working your own database right now? Are you doing everything you should?

We both know the answer is no. But why the F**K not? When’s the last time you emailed/called people you know in your CRM about a new promo, new arrivals, event or incoming vehicles? If you did, are you being constant in your efforts?

This gets to me because I care about your business, even if I don’t know you. I believe you can do a better job keeping in touch with customers, so when it’s time for them, you’re a no-brainer.

Say you’re currently getting a cost per lead of $30 across your marketing efforts. How many prospects do you have in your CRM? Multiply that number by $30. What do you get?

Ok, do something else, take that total prospect amount and divided it by 19.7 (don’t ask, it’s our secret formula) This should give you the number of people in your database that will change vehicle this year, from you or not.

What do you think? Time to fire up that CRM? Let’s hope you have a good one! If you don’t, we can definitely help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

We both know I’m not teaching you anything new today, sometimes we just need someone to put it in our face so we address things. Now go ahead and tweak your next marketing efforts so your lead nurturing becomes a top 5 priority in your business.

Do something different. Get it ready for next Tuesday. It should be on everyone’s calendar right now.

No excuses, have fun!