Keep your emails short

As promised I’m sharing another key insight we found analyzing prospect email responses.

This post will not follow this rule. So don’t call me out on it 🙂

This will be part of our Email Marketing Cheat Sheet for dealerships, available in the next few weeks now.


Over 1,000,000 email communications, yes that’s 1 million emails. We noticed something interesting.

The longer the email sent to your prospect is, lower the response % is.

You want to know why I know that?

As I said, 1,000,000 emails & counting, I’m starting to get comfortable with all of this.

But, but customers want transparency right?


Answering non-existing questions most likely to ruin the sale.

Plus, do you really want to give away all the information right now, without knowing how it will be perceived?


Your next customer wants to be asked the right questions, not questionS.

Next time you’re following up with prospects, refrain yourself from asking more than 1 question, keep it for later ok?

Instead, read the lead/answer 3 times and ask yourself, what is this guy/gal looking for?

In short, always follow this one rule: Does my email fit a smartphone YES or NO.

70% of the emails you’re going to send are going to be caught on a smartphone.


Keep this in mind on your next follow-up!