Is it the chicken or the egg?

If I can’t get you to see that marketing is the lifeblood of your dealership—of every dealership—then you will waste a lot of time and money throughout your journey.

In fact, your journey will likely end because your business won’t survive.


The other night, I went to a golf tournament and ran into a Kia dealer named Stephen I know from a previous life.

We got to talking, and he admitted he’d seen our courses online and never got to take one.

He told me he should because he doesn’t understand online marketing & competitors around him are upping their digital game.

When I told him that one of the biggest dealer groups in our area was using our tactics & training, he replied with the classic chicken/egg marketing comment:

“Well, yeah, he’s selling a thousand cars a month, so he can afford to do all that online marketing.”


The truth is, they are selling a thousand vehicles a month BECAUSE they are doing that “online marketing” stuff.

It’s not really a chicken and egg scenario at all.

Yes, you have to spend money to get the machine going.

But do you think these guys woke up one morning and decided to invest $100,000 per month in Google Ads?

Of course not.

They tested the waters and with great KPIs we determined together, they were able to fast track their way to high profitability.


And it’s nerve-wracking to spend money on marketing at first, but if you 1,000% believe that marketing and selling is the LIFEBLOOD of your dealership, you’ll see that you have no other choice.

I asked him: if you had to play golf against the best players around you to keep your business… would you take lessons or take advice from a friend?

He just smiled: “OK, where do you think I suck?”

This is step one for Stephen.

Learn about marketing and the art of selling online.

He’s a terrific operator, with a great touch with his employees.

He’s just been shy so far because he doesn’t understand how to leverage internet leads.

Of course, they have a good looking website, a Google Ads PPC campaign & a little budget over Facebook/Instagram.


Being excellent at online marketing as a dealership has the power to remove a ton of pressure from you & your team.

This is a classic example of how someone starting a small car dealer.

A guy works at a dealership and says, “My boss is a moron.

I can do better than him!”

So he quits his job and opens up a used car dealer.


But since he hasn’t fallen in love with marketing, he thinks that his skill of selling cars is the thing that will keep him in business…

In 2008 when the economy crashed, a whole slew of you guys decided to lower costs by cutting their sales and marketing budget.

Don’t get me wrong, these were tough times.

But it’s like cutting off oxygen to your brain.


What you should have done instead is triple down on marketing and advertising.

You should be doing the same on slower months by the way…

You should see the amount of traffic we can get for cheap when all of you guys decide to reduce your budgets!

The businesses that allow their marketing departments to become the kings and rulers win.

Imagine your marketing department were a person—make her the CEO.

Give him the freedom to come in and boss everyone and everything around because it is the source of your success.


You are not in the business of cars. You are in the business of selling cars.