How Good Are Your Car Dealership Landing Pages?

Is your dealership using goal-specific landing pages?

I recently realized many dealerships, including you, are using standalone landing pages besides your main website.

You do this because you have a specific need that can’t be met by your website provider’s platform.

These pages’ sole purpose is for you to know who landed on it. That’s all.

I see service promotions, private sales, exclusive/VIP events, new product launches and more.

The problem is 95% of them are slapped together with no conversion science in mind.

But you’re the one driving traffic by spending thousands of dollars on ads and manpower.

Aren’t you tired of that?


I got you thinking about the existence of landing pages in the car business.

Just like any part of your dealership, landing pages are simply a series of components placed strategically on a web page.

In our business, there are many ways to convert a potential client of yours. There are equally lots of ways to play the game.

I noted 34 different types of landing pages tactics to convert new, used, finance & service prospects into buyers. And for sure I’m missing a few…

You’ll need:
– a destination (the landing page itself)
– an offer
– a call to action
– a way to gather the information
– someone to answer the request

But more importantly, you’ll need an audience. No traffic = no leads.

But can I just put all those components and cross my fingers?

No. Of course not.