Are you still shopping dealership websites based on price?

Alright, what follows is the result of a meeting with a dealership in the process of changing their website provider.

The result of the change is not relevant to us today, but if you have gone through the process recently, you know you have to do your homework.

There are in fact many components to consider: user experience, conversion, flexibility, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile experience, site speed, downtimes, research & development, customer service and price.

Which one do you think gets the most attention from dealers today.

You guessed it: pricing.

It makes plenty of sense because this is what your business head has thought you.

Get the most for your buck.

This holds true if the rest of the elements I just listed are equal.

But there’s something I cringe (or cry) at every time:

A dealership operator looking for the cheapest website solution out there.

This is a big red flag that lets me know you have no idea what kind of power digital marketing holds for car dealers today…

DO YOU REALIZE you have a salesperson, meeting thousands if not tens of thousands of customers each month, 24/7?

DO YOU REALIZE most of you are generating 40-50% of your sales based on actions made on your website?

DO YOU REALIZE you’re actually shooting yourself in the foot, trying to skim a few thousands every year on something you can leverage in the millions?

Yet your reflex is to look at the price like it’s 90% of the whole deal.

I get it, you can’t just buy the most expensive stuff is thrown your way.

You’ll be out of business by the end of the week.

I’ve been a manager in a dealership, you know?

I’m only asking you, no I’m begging you, please don’t try to save a few bucks on your virtual showroom greeting 5,10, 15 thousand people each month, when your multi-million sales floor, is hosting around 100-200.

This makes no sense. But hey, we all like tall glass & shiny tiles don’t we?

Have you ever realized how much people, real people, visit your site every day?

These guys have one head, two arms, two legs just like you.

They are very real, so act in consequence.

This is how car dealerships do business today.

You can go to the extreme and try to sell cars 100% online like e-commerce, but you’ll be missing more than you’ll gain this way.

Let me sidetrack for a bit, on e-commerce solutions in the automotive industry.

I could go all day on this one, so I’ll dedicate a full post on the subject.

I get this question these days: “Should we have a website that “sells” directly to the consumers?”

Like it’s a new thing that some customers don’t want to deal with you guys.

The internet has brought a new (ish by now) way to buy things, and cars are among them.

But can you really buy a car with no human interaction yet?

I have yet to see this in action, there’s always a catch. – If you do, please educate me.

BUT, even if, none of that is new guys.

Remember that small company called Autobytel?

The goal was to make it easy for someone to buy a car without having to show up at a dealership.

Phone or internet, the means have changed, but the end result is the same.

So are you THAT excited to get into the latest trend?

Watch out what you believe, some providers might take advantage of the fact you don’t know this stuff.

It’s simple, and in the end, there’s no magic.

This advice right here is free, so congratulate yourself for saving on advice and go get the best website provider out there.

I’m only telling you this because I know now.

In fact, I’ve prepared a cool dealership website checklist you can access right here.

This website provider checklist will help you evaluate your current and next website solution.