Are you a fan too?

I was watching football last night (I’m a huge NFL fan) with a friend of mine who is in the auto industry.

Dealerships sales are much like football

We started pulling concepts happening in dealerships and on the football field like the dealer/football nerds we are.

It was actually really easy.


A quarterback throws the ball to its best available receiver right?

What if the QB was the Source and the ball an internet lead. Or better yet, the QB is your star BDC agent!

Would you like the BDC equivalent of Tom Brady to throw it to your best or worse receiver available?

Sometimes, your best receivers are covered (by clients) so others step up.

You see, for the sake of equity, we tend to go round robin when sending leads over to our sales team but on the business side of things, it’s wrong.

Last Thursday, we connected with a Ford dealership at week 17 of our Dealership Performance Program. They told me how they were running the show.

I asked him if he was willing to let me use that and he said: “Mmmm Okay.”

Hi Carson!

He knew a couple of hundreds General Managers would get to discover one of the keys to its BDC’s success. But we all agree the American market is big enough.

They based their strategy not on football but baseball.

Whoever has to the best closing ratio on January gets promoted to 1st hitter in February.

When the client comes in, the receptionist refers to her batting lineup. I love it.

It’s a bit of management at first yes, but this ensures your best people are getting the appointments.

Plus this changes once every month so it’s not too bad.

It’s also fair, you hit, you get the ball. You’re not, you have to find a way to improve.

Some will say it’s a cold-hearted way to do business, but you can’t pay the overhead with empathy.

What do you think?